Virtue signaling St. Paul Minnesota

Virtue signaling in Minnesota should stay local

St. Paul, Minnesota, excels in Leftist virtue signaling — which would be fine if they’d keep it in Minnesota and not try to force it on the rest of us. A few days ago, I put up several photos showing the extreme virtue signaling that one finds in St. Paul, [Read More]

Leftist elites
Pop culture

Leftist elites — America’s new pharaohs, insulated from the people’s pain

America’s Leftist elites use their power to stroke their egos and, like Pharaoh, are unconcerned when ordinary people suffer from their hypocrisy. One of the (many) good things about the Trump era is that Victor Davis Hanson seems to be on a perpetual roll, swatting away both the #Resistance crowd [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s sheeple revel in their mindless ignorance

In 2008, when a Progressive friend expressed absolute horror that Sarah Palin was on the Republican ticket, I asked him to tell me why she was less qualified than Obama. After all, unlike Obama, Palin had experience governing. With his back against the wall, my friend uttered the worst indictment [Read More]