MSNBC Trump Trauma
Donald Trump

[VIDEO] MSNBC struggles with “psychological effects” of Trump’s America

MSNBC’s look into the psychological trauma arising from Trump’s presidency is comedy gold. Watch it to end 2017 with a good laugh. Whenever some particularly loony Leftist pops up in tears, Glenn Reynolds likes to say that one would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh. You’ll get [Read More]

Democrat Implosion

Bookworm Beat 2/1/17 — the “Democrat Implosion” issue

If my internet reading had a chyron, of the type you see on cable news, under every article I read you would see the words “Democrat Implosion,” along with headlines about walking vaginas, feminists advocating sharia, Senators weeping over terrorists, and other insanity from Progressives who are no longer on [Read More]

Vulgar gals who march on DC

Bookworm Beat 1/22/17 — the vulgar gals who march edition [NSFW]

My Facebook feed is swimming in proudly posted pictures of vulgar gals out there protesting just about everything, united only by their crudity, their hated, their stupidity, and their  infantile sexual obsessions. I keep telling myself that something that agitates this many Americans is something we need to take seriously [Read More]

Social Issues

Canadian protesters blocked at U.S. border after admitting plans to join Women’s March.

What has become business as usual under the Obama administration at U. S. borders is no more, as six Canadians and two French nationals found out last Thursday after they were held up eventually denied entry into the U.S. border upon informing border patrol agents they were traveling to Washington, [Read More]