July 17, 2018

More tales from the front lines of the Democrat crack-up

The ongoing Democrat crack-up is definitely the best show in town — and no, I don’t feel bad at all at laughing at people who are showing their emotional immaturity or appalling lack of judgment or intelligence. There was something about being called evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and stupid that burned off any vestigial conscience I might have about pointing and laughing when incredibly arrogant people are exposed for the pathetic faux-intellectuals they are and always have been.

With that in mind, I’m happy to share with you three opinion pieces that came across my radar, all of which either lambaste Trump or laud Hillary (or do both).

The first unintentionally reinforces something I’ve come to believe, which is that Trump has the potential be one of the greatest presidents ever. He’s a paradigm buster. He figured out two things about the old rules: (1) they didn’t serve Republicans and (2) they didn’t serve America. He’s rewriting the playbook.

One of the ways in which Trump is re-writing the playbook is by speaking directly to the American people via his tweets. For example, after his planned phone call with the President of Taiwan, Trump tweeted out brief, substantive messages:

The media reprinted those tweets verbatim — to attack them. The problem for the Left, though, is that many Americans no longer take the media seriously because they understand that the Left has become unhinged and, therefore, unreliable when reporting on Trump. Indeed, Trump tweeted that out too:

All that the media is managing to do is to relay the tweets to whose don’t follow Twitter.

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The other problem for the Left is that Trump’s dense, data- and thought-rich tweets flummox them. Their counter-attacks are inept. Nothing proves this more beautifully than the viral tweets a man named Danielle Muscato sent out in the wake of the little tweet war Trump set up with Saturday Night Live.

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