Being Teenagers, Or White Privilege?

By: Mike McDaniel    Have you heard of “white privilege,” gentle readers? It’s the idea that merely because one was born white, one has unfair advantages in life, advantages non-white people not only do not have, but can never have. It does not matter that one is as far from racist as it is humanly possible to be, the privilege, and the sin, is inherent in skin color. It also directly implies that those not born with such privilege can never overcome that unfair deficit, and therefore, they cannot possibly experience misfortune due to their own bad choices or habits. Anything less than stellar in their lives is the fault of others, particularly those born with white privilege. It is a grand, universal, pervasive, anti-brown and black person conspiracy that doesn’t require a single person to conspire, or to even be aware of the conspiracy. In fact, that white people are unaware of white privilege is absolute proof of white privilege. They’re so privileged they don’t recognize it.

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