“…Texas Naval base shooter believed to have expressed support for terrorist groups online – Adina Kutnicki”

Never Forget Who These "folks" Really Are....
The Great, Adina Kutnicki
The Great, Adina Kutnicki


…Don’t expect U.S. law enforcement to come to the rescue. This is so because when it comes to jihadi terror, tragically, they are ill equipped. Indeed, while many forces have proven to be excellent at “mop-up” operations, on the other hand, they are hardly trained at preventative measures — that which mandates robust training as per a non-PC, non-politicized understanding of what jihadi terror really entails, that is, so that it can be recognized in the first place! Take this assessment to the bank.

Most significantly, the aforementioned is the main knock-on effect of decades of counter-intuitive police training via a “hands-in-the-pockets” approach. No kidding. No exaggeration. This is so because their bosses at the tippy top of LE agencies, as well as prosecutorial teams run by DA’s who are overwhelmingly progressive-based and “social justice” obsessed, are running the so-called justice system in America.

At the most, these lame excuses for so-called law and order and justice- seeker types are good at repeating pithy mantras, yes, “see something, say something” but that’s about the extent of it…!



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