The 60 Minutes Brain Loss Challenge

I have a confession to make. I used to watch 60 minutes when I was a young uninformed kid and on into my early college days (still very much uninformed). I had little choice. At home it was a favorite of the adults that watched over us. In college it was always on in the end lounge. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was because people thought they were learning something useful or informed. Turns out we were wrong.

Nowadays I know better. You couldn’t pay me to watch the Sunday night version of the The View meets MSNBC.

After this week’s contest it is clear that one would be challenged to get anything of value from the warped leftist worldview being spewed by the producers of 60 minutes.  But that is the challenge every week. This week’s challenge was to find any scintilla of  truth from their less than enlightening report from Gaza.  If context is everything 60 Minutes is nothing.

Don’t believe me. Go over to winning council member Joshua Pundit and watch how transparent 60 Minutes is in their latest on air attempt to stick it in the back of Israel. Watch the video, pay special attention to the duh factor of Robert Anderson as he sits outside a Palestinian house wondering why the IDF special forces don’t want to be interviewed by the twit. There is stupidity and then there is that moment. Anderson made the Housewives of Orange County look smart by comparison.

On the same theme we have winning non-council member Cheslar Chronicles that explains why the IDF pulled out of Gaza and how that move translates to a win for Israel. The time for conventional wars has passed, especially in an area of the world where you are fighting an idea every much as you are fighting a terrorist.

Congrats to this week’s winners. Enjoy and share.

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