The Bookworm Beat 9/20/16 — the “faster, please” edition and open thread

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I was thinking today what a misnomer “virtue signaling” is. Virtue, in its proper usage, refers to behaviors showing character, morality, and faith. Thus, the seven classic Catholic virtues are prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and charity (or, in some views, love). They are constraints we impose upon our worst selves so that we can be our best selves under all, or almost all, circumstances.

“Virtue signaling,” by contrast, does not impose any obligations upon the signaler, whether obligations of character, faith, or action. All he has to do is send out a tweet or take a knee to assure others that he hews to approved Progressive traditions. Indeed, looking at virtue signaling theologically, it appears that, not only is the behavior lacking in actual virtue, it embodies two of the seven deadly sins: pride and sloth.

Sharyl Attkisson on the little things the media does to support Democrats. Sharyl Attkisson knows the mainstream media from the inside out — so much so that she had to part ways with it when her objective honesty was more than the Democrat machine could bear. I urge you to read her really stunning, insider’s view post about the media’s selective editing to slant the news against Republicans and in favor of Democrats. She discusses at some length CBS’s dishonest handling of Obama’s statement after Benghazi, including Candy Crowley’s lie during the debate to support President Obama when Romney had him on the ropes. After explaining what happened, Attkisson has this to say:

So what does all this have to do with my own situation at CBS?

In an unexpected way, it came to expose the extraordinary lengths to which some of my colleagues would go to misrepresent and slant the facts when they had explicit evidence to the contrary, which they kept hidden. It was enough to irreparably destroy any confidence in and respect I might have had for those at the network who were involved…

By the way, CNN just did it again when it accused Trump, who spoke of profiling a la the Israelis (i.e., looking for certain terrorism indicators), of advocating “racial profiling.” The only talk of race came from CNN.

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Another mainstream media alteration was the way the media edited footage of Hillary talking about the bombs in New York and New Jersey this past weekend. Trump, nobody’s fool, figured out quickly the explosions in Chelsea were not accidents but were deliberate acts. He therefore he used the magic word “bombings” when he spoke to the press.

Hillary, however, when interviewed on her plane, was so zombified that she simultaneously called them “bombings” and, in an apparent effort to appear calm and knowledgeable rather than stoned, chided Trump for calling them “bombings.” The mainstream media helped her by editing out her first reference to the events as “bombings” so that the media could paint Trump as intemperate and panicky.

To read more, please go here.

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