The Council has Spoken 050710


If it wasn’t for bad luck,
I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

Born Under a Bad Sign – Cream

In this week’s council winning post,Dumb Luck Highlights Failure of the Obama Administration, The Razor writes:

But dumb luck saved the day. No New Yorkers died on Saturday, and the only thing lost is face by the administration. But dumb luck doesn’t last forever. The administration needs to wake up and get serious to the threat posed by jihadis. As Roger Simon asks, “How can we begin to defeat this enemy if we are not even willing to name it?” The administration got lucky in Times Square on Saturday. Hopefully America’s luck will hold until Obama gets serious about the threat posed by the jihadis, or his administration is replaced by one that is.

In this week’s Non Council Winner, The Nanny State Diaries, Autographed Letter Signed wrote :

How was I to see the Obama “hopium” machine playing a role in the life of Cynia Cole?  Chicago is in the state of chaos. National Guards have been one possible solution as we are in fact a youth violence war zone.  Suddenly, the Obama outsider art paintings in the restaurant sickened me.  This man used these people but you know what?  They wanted to be used. All I ever heard about from my friends and family  was what “Obama will do for black people”.   “Now we will get what we deserve…our president is black like us. He knows what it is like to be down and black.”

Really? Living in Hawaii, attending private schools, law school at Harvard.  Hanging out in Indonesia. Sure, Obama really knows what it is like to be down and black because his experience so mirrors that of  those in inner-city Chicago.

The brilliance of Barack Obama’s campaign for President is that he successfully presented himself as a non-partisan non-ideological avatar of hope. Enough people bought the act, even if it required having a short memory.

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