The Council has Spoken 090310

I get the news I need on the weather report. Oh, I can gather all the news I need on the weather report
The only living boy in New York – Simon and Garfunkel

After reading this week’s winning entries, it’s not hard to understand that you really might get all the news you need from the weather report, standard media outlets can’t get a story right.

In his council winning submission this week, NYC Cabbie Slashed by Drunken Nutjob – Left Wing Media Makes Up the Rest, VA Right concludes:

So in the end, all we have is a drunken, crazy man who stabbed someone else and was apprehended blocking traffic on Third Avenue, or possible sitting on the sidewalk.

He may or may not be Muslim.

He may or may not have worked for Intersection International.

The Ground Zero Mosque was never mentioned, although the Cabbie claims he asked him if he were a Muslim.

In the end, it seems we have a troubled 21 year old kid with a drinking problem and a screw loose. Nothing more.

A Ground Zero Mosque hate crime? Not hardly.

VA Right also gets credit for submitting this week’s non-council winner, RedState’s A Free Society And The Muslim Conundrum. The winning council entry was about manufacturing a hate crime when there was none, the non-council pick this week, discusses outraged sensibilites where there ought not to be.

We have a young muslim, whose family is established enough to live in Potomac, MD (median family income, $177,000) and front the AU tuition and expenses for at least one of his siblings, who is upset that someone voiced opposition to the GZM. He wasn’t beaten or threatened or in any way insulted. He either heard or was involved in a conversation in which one party was against the GZM. While we can write his outrage off to the Walter-Mittyism of a 17 year old, we are less able to rationalize the statements by people who should know better. When we are told that if the mosque is not built there will be more islamic radicals and when the muslim chaplain at Georgetown and other “leaders” warn that Americans exercising their rights as citizens could “radicalize” people this is not a cry for acceptance, this is narcissism on steroids.

These MSM stories aren’t news, they’re narratives designed to promote the values of the “news organizations” doing the “reporting.”

Now pardon me while I catch the weather report.

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