The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’sWatcher’s Council match up, carved eternally in the akhasic records of cyberspace.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day elicits different reactions from different people..but as this week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s Glorifying Evil shows, word and deed are a mismatch for a lot of them, especially when it comes to aiding and abetting those who are perfectly willing to take a second try at a new Holocaust. Here’s a slice:

The Palestinian Authority had its own way of commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day this year.

They chose that occasion to have official Fatah-run Palestinian TV glorify the murderers of the Fogel family.

You might remember the Fogels.

They were a young family living in the Jewish community of Itamar who were at home, relaxing after the Sabbath. On March 11, 2011, two Arabs affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) Hakim Awad and Amjad Muhammad Fawzi Awad carried out an assault they had planned in advance, cutting through a security fence, breaking into the Fogel’s home and murdering the five members of the family pictured above, including a 3-month-old baby. They butchered them without even the regard a slaughterer usually gives to an animal.

The two were captured by the Shin Bet, tried in Israeli courts and sentenced to consecutive life terms since Israel has no capital punishment. Neither ever expressed the slightest remorse.

Last week,official ‘Palestinian’ TV broadcast greetings to the two murderers on a show called ‘For You’, dedicated to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Hakim Awad’s mother was an honored guest, praising the two killers as ‘heroes’ and referring to Hakim as her “dear son.”

Hakim’s aunt also participated, also calling the two murderers “heroes,” and calling Awad “the hero, the legend” with the enthusiastic approval from show’s host.

The producers of the program and its host knew in advance that the callers were relatives of the Fogel murderers and introduced them to the audience while text with the names of the callers appeared at the bottom of the screen: “Prisoner Hakim Awad’s family / Awarta – Nablus.”

Not one western leader condemned it.

Upon doing a little further research through one of my sources in a direct position to know, I found out that both Awads are on the list of those ‘Palestinian’ terrorists whose families receive an official monthly salary directly from the Palestinian Authority while they’re in prison.

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