The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results


The Council has spoken, the tribal votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

Even taking into consideration the normal high level of quality in both the Council and Non-Council entries, this was a tough call with some exceptional pieces to choose from, and the close vote tallies reflect it.


This week’s winner, The Right Planet’s Disunity in the Republic    is a  well written take on the current split between establishment Republicans and conservatives within the party, as well as his own epiphany and ideas on what needs to be done about it. Here’s a slice:

Been mullin’ over the current disunity within the Republican Party, and the Republic in general, since Obama’s reelection. Sadly, none of it really surprises me. It is really just a another tiresome example of the same ole, same ole—curse of the ole republican circular firing squad syndrome.

I am just a blogger, just an American, just a citizen journalist—nobody of particular import. But I’ve been following this political stuff long enough to see some troubling patterns on  my side of the political aisle.

My first question: where is the spirit of cooperation within the Republican Party? Are we striving for unity here or not? Why do republicans and conservatives choose to tear each other’s heads off so often? It is rather ironic when I listen to some on the right, who claim to eschew the tactics of Saul Alinsky, engage in Alinskyite tactics against their own. For example, republican establishment types referring to their Tea Party brethren as “chuckleheads” or “hobbits,” or tearing down people like Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh—apparently in an effort to retain standing with their more “moderate” or “liberal” colleagues.

What does this accomplish? The very people they are marginalizing are their own voters. Are those within the Republican establishment so blind that cannot see that they are literally telling their voters and constituents “we don’t need you”? What do you think such a message tells potential voters?

There are plenty of people who would vote for the Republican Party, if the republicans would reach out more and clearly delineate their principles and beliefs in simple terms, as opposed to thumbing their nose at those outside the beltway and the establishment—who are ostensibly seen as beneath their political acumen and prestige. Some of the Republican establishment types have snubbed people like Allen West or Michelle Bachmann. Yet, it is people like Bachmann and West who take the time to meet and speak with their constituents, as opposed to some within the Republican Party who remain aloof and unapproachable, or just downright hostile. Again, from a purely political perspective, it is incredibly demoralizing to the republican base at large.

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