The Damned and the Elect

One observation in James Taranto’s recent WSJ post in reaction to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark caught my eye:

As Mollie Hemingway suggests, “They are irredeemable” is a strange thing for a professed Christian to say about anybody. Theology aside, it is a shocking thing for someone who aspires to the powers of the presidency to say about fellow Americans, even if she rightly thinks they hold deplorable views.

The emphasis is mine.

But that’s not true. Some Christian denominations teach otherwise.

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  1. Mrs. Clinton is a devotee of ‘Liberation Theology’ to the extent she believes anything at all.

    I don’t consider ‘Liberation Theology’ or its offshoot ‘Black Liberation Theology’ to be Christianity at all based on my study of scripture and my knowledge of how these Leftist perversions were specifically developed by the Soviet Union as political tools.

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