Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


I have never in my very long life seen such dumb bastards as the democrats and their billionaire Masters.


…they really think Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris will be allowed to take up bludgeons of Communist rule in the Oval Office?

They really think rioting and looting and burning things down is the way to win?

They really think they can just make any dumbass law they want and everyone will collapse and OBEY?

Do they not understand that by November 4, 2020, all 530 or so of them will probably be hiding under some mountain someplace?

Do they not understand that they won’t be able to walk an American street? That they will be prisoners of their own guards underneath that mountain? And that those guards will be looking at them kinda hard?

That it will not just be democrat “business as usual?”

That they will have to stop singing; stop throwing balls at hoops; and stop running around?

Don’t they understand they will not be able to leave their democrat-run cities? That those Leftist refuges will crash—burning around them. And that they shall have nowhere to go?

Worst of all: haven’t the democrats and their European masters figured it out yet? That a Conservative leader and hero will be born from their own democrat chaos?

That the potential American hero exists at this moment, right now, and does not even know It? Leadership by example; by commitment; and by countenance?

Because there is as yet no actual leader manifested for conservatives. Nobody speaks and acts outright for them. They have not yet coalesced. Nobody has told them “what to do.”

Except maybe for Donald Trump. But his hands are tied by Presidentiality. By traditions, wise men, and their enforcers.

The leader will emerge from chaos, hurling voice and vision as weapons.

A raging personality will burn like forged steel.

A commitment will be a new dawn.

Anger, wrath, and vengeance will be like blazing sleet in the face of enemies—both foreign and domestic.

Come what may.






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