The Freddie Gray Case, Update 40: They’re All Racists! Raaaciiiists!

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DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L), AG Loretta Lynch (R)
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DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L), AG Loretta Lynch (R)

Imagine, gentle readers, a supposedly scientific study into a new treatment for a deadly disease. The study purports to demonstrate that the new treatment is nearly 100% effective. Sounds great, no? Great, that is, until one discovers the “scientists” did not include in their methodology a protocol for determining whether the patients given the new drug actually had the disease. They produced reams of paper and innumerable data points, and cured everybody, but didn’t bother to factor in the single most important issue.

The Obama/Lynch Department of Justice’s report, titled Investigation Of The Baltimore City Police Department, was released this week. Its conclusions could have been written before the first man hour was expended, and probably were. The BPD is racist, of course, and this racism is not incidental, confined to some people and some incidents, but is absolutely systemic. This is unsurprising in that the DOJ’s investigations into police agencies always discover systemic racism, which is easy if the standard for finding such things is statistical disparity. More on this shortly.

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