The Golden Age of Donald Trump Begins One Week from Today!

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Can you feel the undeniable hum of the US economic engines starting up? Despite the Trump haters and the media’s best efforts, jobs have already begun to spring up, or at least remain in the US. So far, Donald Trump has created 1,142,000 jobs. 1,000,000 from Alibaba, 100,000 from Amazon, 10,000 from Ford, 10,000 from Fiat Chrysler, 10,000 from Toyoda, 10,000 from Honda, 2,000 from Carrier. And Volkswagen is considering sending jobs here. No word on how many.

How’s that for a guy that is not yet in office?

In 8 years under Obama our economy was barely alive, running on depleted batteries.

According to CNBC:

Today, some eight years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression as Obama took office, the nation’s job market has put nearly six million Americans back to work, as a net gain. That includes 156,000 jobs created in December, according Friday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the last with Obama in the White House.

So in less than 2 months with a couple of tweets, Trump has created over a million jobs and Obama, in 8 years managed a paltry 6 million. That does not even keep up with population growth. And it is no wonder we have a record number of Americans out of the work force. Trump has created over 20% in two weeks what Obama spent 8 years working on.

As the economic engines fire back up and the roar of economic prosperity grows louder and louder beginning next week, many of the problems of this nation will disappear. And that’s the part that makes liberal’s heads explode. Crime, poverty, debt and decaying cities are the direct result of over regulation and the heavy hand of government.


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