The Mueller Report – The End Of the Beginning

Well, the Mueller Report was  long awaited by Leftist Democrats like a junkie waiting for his next score. Even at this point, with no junk in the needle,  they have yet to acknowledge what anyone with a fighting chance of an IQ of 70 always knew…

There was no collusion with Russia in the 2016 elections by the president or any member of his campaign. Period.

It astounds me how ‘journalists’ and a number of deranged Democrat politicians are still chewing on this one. I’ve even seen stories mentioning Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with ‘an attorney with ties to the Kremlin.’ And of course, not mentioning that the meeting was supposed to be about oppo research (which is perfectly legal) and was actually about Russian orphans! Rod Rosenstein also signed off on no collusion. Yes, that Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Robert Mueller to head the special counsel.

There was no obstruction of justice.

For one thing, since there was no crime, there cannot be obstruction of justice as Attorney General William Barr pointed out. And as far as Comey’s firing, simply leaking confidential intel to the media as he admitted he did was ample excuse by itself. In fact given his connections with the Clintons  and his role in quashing the investigation into  Mrs. Clinton’s felony offenses, Trump erred in not firing him outright once he took office.

The Media, who picked sides early on and avidly released biased and even deliberate lies as news have lost much of their credibility with the American people or at least most of them with any semblance of fairness and open mindedness.

Now that we know the truth, we’ll see what happens when people lose confidence in a free press. The Mueller Report has already shown them up as biased hacks who might as well be paid agents of the Democrat Party. And while it was obvious to many of us, it’s now an open wound for all to see. Even some of the unwilling are admitting it. A plumber I use for various jobs described Trump as a ‘hater’ and ended our friendly conversation on the matter by saying he’d wait and see what the Mueller Report had to say. He’s now changed his mind and so have a lot of other people. They won’t be suckered again, not by the likes of MSNBC and CNN. Imagine, Rachel Maddow in tears, on the air, because a sitting US president was proven NOT to have engaged in treason! And I won’t even mention the crap that came out of Hollywood. No one should be deceived about how these people feel about our country.

President Trump has a strong weapon for re-election in 2020.

Barring, of course, a manufactured ‘recession’ like the one in 2008. Although President Trump is a lot smarter about such things then GW Bush ever was, so the effect might be nullified somewhat.

OK. So know we know where things are. So why is this the end of the beginning? Because now America’s real redemption begins. Because now, it’s time for thewheels of justice to turn so the American people can find out what really happened in 2016…an organized attempt by top level officials in the CIA and FBI to affect an election by using a bogus dossier  paid for by the Clintons was used  by the Obama Admoinistration to obtain a  FIFA warrant under false pretenses to wiretap and spy on the campaign of Donald Trump. And when that failed, to try to annul the results of a democratic election and mount what amounted to a coup against a sitting president and oust him from office,

There was indeed collusion in 2016. Collusion to let Hillary Clinton walk away free after it was proven she had committed felonies as secretary of state, included unauthorized storage of classified documents on a bathroom unprotected server, destroying evidence (talk about obstruction of justice) and violating her oath as Secretary of State. Collusion with the so-called media to leak things like transcripts of selectively worded  classified conversations with world leaders and conversations with US intelligence and military personnel.  Collusion in leaking supposed conversations with presidential cabinet members based on anonymous sources. Collusion even in the staging and performance of those debates during the campaign, even to the point of leaking questions before hand to Mrs. Clinton, giving her extra time while cutting off Donald Trump in the midst of his answers constantly.Luckily for us, even CBS and NBC couldn’t make Hillary Clinton look like anything more than the dishonest, self-serving corrupt creature she was except to the true believers.

Obvious collusion and obstruction of justice galore

Senator Rand Paul had the right of it:

The president was at lunch today and he voiced his support for investigating the people who concocted this hoax.” . “He didn’t use the word hoax, those are my words, but I think we should get to the bottom of this and he believes we should get to the bottom of this because this should never happen to another president. He feels that it’s damaging to the country, damaging to the ability to lead the country, that we basically—somebody within the Obama administration, within the DOJ and the FBI, basically concocted an investigation, trumped it up to be something that it wasn’t and then we’ve gone through two years of the country being stalled because of this fake investigation.”

When asked specifically if former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice should be called to testify about their role in the matter—and be subpoenaed to force their testimony if they refuse to voluntarily comply—Paul said: “Absolutely.”

“We have John Brennan, who lied to us, who spied on the Senate and tapped into Senate computers,” Paul said. “We have James Clapper who came before the Intelligence Committee and said they weren’t collecting all of our phone data. So both Brennan and Clapper have been known to lie in official testimony. They should be brought forward and asked what was their part? What was their role in ginning up this dossier? Amazingly, most media outlets wouldn’t even print the dossier because they thought it was so unsubstantiated. And then all of a sudden, the FBI gives it credence. There’s one interesting story out today that says still no one would print it, so then Comey gives it to President Trump and that’s when it’s been leaked and then we have a news story saying that this dossier had been given to the president and that became the hook or the story.”

That’s the new beginning in a nutshell. And it’s imperative. The American people deserve to find out who the real culprits are. And I while I  wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the small fry and perhaps even Mrs. Clinton in jail, rest assured that the true culprits behind what amounted to an attempted coup and the annulment of the 2016 election go unpunished.

That trail leads right to the Obama White House, and no one is going to have such a high regard for justice as to go after Barack Hussein Obama, who almost certainly put the whole shebang in motion and gave the orders to his willing underlings down the line.

First black president, you know. Can’t do that.

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