The National Black Police Association Issues Statement Defending Colin Kaepernick

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The National Black Police Association

In a letter published on Wednesday, Sonia Y.W. Pruitt, a police lieutenant in Maryland and chairperson of the National Black Police Association, wrote a on behalf of her organization and in support of Kaepernick.


In contrast to other police organizations — such as the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) — who have boycotted Nike. Pruitt’s letter clearly stated that the NBPA thinks Kaepernick’s cause should be embraced by law enforcement.

Pruitt wrote:

On the contrary. NBPA believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance is in direct alignment with what law enforcement stands for — the protection of a people, their human rights, their dignity, their safety and their rights as American citizens.

That NAPO has chosen this matter to take a stance, only perpetuates the narrative that police are racist, with no regard, acknowledgment, respect, or understanding of the issues and concerns of the African American community.

Pruitt told the Washington Post that in the debate swirling around law enforcement and social issues, she feels that the perspective of black police officers has not been adequately taken into account.

“As black officers, we often find ourselves riding the wave with other officers, but no one has asked us what our opinion is,” Pruitt explained. “On many of these social issues we disagree, but nobody knows that, because the assumption is that if you’re a police officer that you all think the same way.”

In their statement calling for a boycott of Nike, the National Association of Police Organizations mocked the notion that Colin Kaepernick had sacrificed anything, as the Nike campaign ad suggests.

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That particular part of the NAPO’s statement, touched a nerve with Pruitt.

“The African American community makes a sacrifice each time a life is unjustly lost at the hands of the very people who should protect them,” Pruitt wrote. “A sacrifice is made each time the criminal justice system treats people of color as less than. A sacrifice is made each time a letter is sent asking officers to boycott a corporation, without asking those very African American officers who are most affected, what their opinion is….”


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  1. “a police lieutenant in Maryland,” Maryland of all places where crime is  off the charts.  Think of Freddie Gray? Marilyn Mosby? The insanity that followed along with the denigration of law enforcement agencies throughout Maryland along with those only too willing to appease and  the idea of the National Black Police Association, aligning itself with Colin Kaepernick is (a) propaganda, (b) meaningless and (c) stupid.

     “On many of these social issues we disagree, but nobody knows that, because the assumption is that if you’re a police officer that you all think the same way.”

    So now they’re outraged. Balderdash! Shoe on the other foot, these are the same people who attack Black Republicans, Latinos, women and gays for refusing to tow the Democratic Party line.

    They are also the same people who look down upon those living in the communities that they have been tasked to protect.

    What we have here are useful idiots playing the victimwhile shooting themselves in the foot in the hopes that the barbarians beating down the gates will spare them…or eat them last.  Don’t count on it.

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    “Political positions

    Community Policing: The NBPA supports the philosophy of Community Policing that calls for a true, cooperative partnership between the Community and the Police for safer communities.
    Control of Narcotics: The NBPA believes that the influx of hard narcotics into this country can only be controlled by a joint effort between the supplying country and the federal government.[2]
    Crime Prevention: The NBPA supports the allocation of more national and local crime fighting resources toward the prevention of crime.
    Capital Punishment: The NBPA protests the application of capital punishment in all instances. The NBPA feels that capital punishment is un-American, unjust, and unconstitutional.[3]
    Handgun Control: The NBPA supports national handgun legislation prohibiting further manufacturing of handguns and limiting their sales, possession, and use.
    Police Brutality: The NBPA believes Police brutality must be confronted, controlled, and outlawed by all police departments throughout the United States.

    Police Officer Residency: The NBPA believes Police should be required and have their official residency in the city or municipality in which they are employed.
    Women in Police Work: The NBPA supports women as equal and equitable partners in the field of law enforcement, and believes them capable of performing equally as well as their male counterparts.”

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