“The reality is that the modern day ‘White supremacists’ have about as much relevance as whatever is left of the David Cassidy fan club.” Posted at freerepublic.com by The Fop



So where’s the KKK? Where are all the Neo-Nazis? If they’re not coming out now, maybe they don’t really exist

Posted on 6/18/2020, 12:50:33 PM by The Fop

According to the Left, White supremacists are everywhere. Their narrative is that Trump has emboldened these haters. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been screaming about how racist hate groups are “dangerously” on the rise. Charlottesville was supposedly proof of this.

All our cultural institutions are obsessed with racism. The media, academia, Hollywood, Liberal activists, and Democrat politicians all tell us that racism in America is every bit as prevalent as it ever was, it’s just less overt. In order to convince us that this is true, they scare people into thinking that a small handful of losers and misfits who embrace the symbols of the Nazis and the KKK, are 1,000 times stronger and more numerous than they actually are. The reality is that the modern day White supremacists have about as much relevance as whatever is left of the David Cassidy fan club.

But let’s assume that the Leftists and the SPLC are correct, and there’s a large army of White supremacist haters out there, just looking for an excuse to beat up Blacks and other people of color. So here’s my question…..

You’ve got both Blacks and self hating White people burning and looting businesses, assaulting and murdering cops, and toppling statues of White historical American figures all across the nation, all in the name of fighting against systemic racism.

You’ve got corporations throwing their support behind Black Lives Matter, a radical, Marxist, Black separatist organization, that wants to abolish the police, empty prisons, and treat White people like 2nd class citizens for the crimes of their ancestors and/or their melanin.

You have people saying that it’s racist to condemn all the violence and looting. You have streets being named after Black Lives Matter. And you have all our cultural institutions characterizing law enforcement as sadistic, racist killers.

Wouldn’t all these developments enrage this army of White supremacists, and inspire them to take to the streets? Wouldn’t this moment in time provide the perfect opportunity for these people to wage the race war they’ve been itching for for decades?

So where are all these KKK members in their white robes and hoods? Where are the Neo-Nazi stormtroopers in their Party City SS uniforms? And most of all, where are all the drunken, rowdy, MAGA hat wearing hooligans? Shouldn’t Nick Sandmann and his Covington, Kentucky Catholic school friends be leading them into battle, armed with flails, “assault rifles”, and baseball bats?

You mean to tell me they showed up for Charlottesville, but not for the George Floyd riots, which make the Watts riots, the Detroit riots, the Rodney King riots, and the Arthur McDuffie riots look like a kindergarten playground skirmish? What’s up with that??

Shouldn’t all these anti-racists and anti-fascists have their hands full fighting in the streets with Trump’s army of haters? Shouldn’t all the haters be guarding all these old statues, especially the Confederate statues? Nike’s new woke ad campaign says that “America has a racism problem”, and all this violence, destruction, and lawlessness is supposedly a righteous and justified response. Okay, so where’s the enemy? Why haven’t they shown up for this fight?

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have both been cancelled, but there’s nary a White hood, a swastika armband, or a MAGA hat to be found amidst all this turmoil. Something doesn’t compute.

HEY AMERICA, IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION! The total lack of a response or a presence by White hate groups interjecting themselves into the George Floyd protests and riots is the best evidence that all this talk about “systemic racism”, is nothing more than college campus PC propaganda, accepted and embraced by the brainwashed. This salient fact ought to dawn on normal, decent, fair minded, intelligent people. But it sure doesn’t hurt to point it out!


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