There Won’t Be Any So-Called, “Election”



Also, from what I read, I do NOT think Americans realize, yet, that THEY ARE ALREADY INSIDE “THE BIG ONE.”

This is IT, Kids: you’re already in it.

It’s happening.

It’s going down.

Analyzing, “commenting,” and rehashing it doesn’t mean a thing.

America has already been subverted, destroyed, and changed Forever.

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There Won’t Be Any So-Called, “Election”

Original Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, “who must be an A.I. Experiment.”

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51

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I often see Conservative statements that contain something like, “VOTE TRUMP!” Or, “MAGA!”


You know, dumb shit.

Conservative hysterics, by Lo-Info Conserves.

“Folks” who think their vote matters.

Some of these lo-info hysterics are even signed by the totally bogus, false prophet of, “‘Q’ Sent me.”

Kids: I’ll say this one more time, slowly:






If democrats don’t bomb or burn the polls down, or threaten to kill you for voting Conserve, or beat the crap out of you for thinking about it, then they will, at the least, declare “there was no election,” and/or that their Alzheimers Guy or babe won, because they “stole the election Fair and Square.”


Or…if Trump loses—and he might, because “folks” are” literally dying” to have USA Communism—then Conserves will declare the “election” null and void, and maybe, finally, they might riot. Or something.

They might post A nasty “Molon labe,” to Twitter or Facebook. Or something. Maybe, an extremely staunch, “‘Q’ sent me.” I dunno….

HOW ever:

In either event, in my opinion, “There Will Be Blood.”

I just don’t see how this “election” can be otherwise resolved.

1.) Democrats will not accept a loss.

2.) Conserves will not accept a loss.

Oh…it might take Conserves a few years to understand they lost, and maybe they will even react. Maybe they will run out of beer, or Game Of Thrones episodes, or Walking Dead episodes, or movies featuring lots of cgi, lots of jumping around—and hordes of Super Heroes doing Their Thing.

Kinda like a dinosaur with a brain the size of pea. You whack it in the tail and in a few years pain reaches the brain. But at some point we will “hear” from Conserves.

Democrats, on the other hand, if they lose, will immediately burn down cities, states, and maybe the entire country.

I mean—it takes zero imagination for how to burn down entire neighborhoods, cities, forests, and states—and not even have to be there when it happens.

Because democrats want to destroy America and bring in their own form of Communism to replace it.

Because Conserves are very slow to anger—or even to react at all.

Because, plenty of  “Americans” are seething to “make everything and everybody “equal, and everything cost-free,” under their dreamed of, magical brand, of unicorn-fart Communism.

—Dixon Diaz


So, Kids:







Nobody will “win.”

And Yet, “There Can Be Only One.”


Ehhhhhhhh…but nobody wants to hear Truth


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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I understand where you’re coming from, but I doubt it will get quite like this. Here’s why:

    The election of course will be crazy time with lots of voter fraud.As a former pro musician, I can tell when someone’s hitting the right notes. Trump is. The Dems aren’t. They will likely take California, NYC and Chicago, which of course means they’ll take Illinois and New York state as well.But they’ve overplayed their hand.

    People vote for peace and prosperity. The Dems have shown they can’t deliver either. One surprise this time out will be the black and Latino vote. Enough Blacks have finally realized the Dems have done nothing for them in years. Also, this may surprise but (A)A lot of blacks WANT law and order. When riots happen, black jobs disappear, black businesses get looted, insurance rates go up and the locals have to travel to find grocery stores, etc. because once they get burned out, the supermarkets, convenience stores and other businesses
    rebuild elsewhere, and sometimes that can be quite a distance, particularly if you’re an elderly person taking the bus. Also, like Latinos, blacks like Trump’s record on the economy and they know he can rebuild.Also, a surprising amount aren’t so crazy about illegal migrants. It effects their wages, their schools, the price of rents, etc. School choice BTW is a big issue for blacks and Latinos. If Trump gets as much as 20-30% of the Black vote, which is quite likely, we’re going to see some surprising changes.
    Another interesting factor…Biden’s racist background is becoming very commonly known , and contrary to what some people expected, Kamala Harris is NOT a plus. For one thing, she made a big deal about being the first Indian-American Senator when she got elected, and many blacks were rather upset that a ‘real black woman’ didn’t get the nod.

    Here’s what we’ll see if Trump wins. rioting and looting and not so peaceful protests in Democrat run cities. Lots of craziness from the media. And if necessary,we WILL see President Trump do just what he did in Kenosha…call out the feds and the military. Another thing…there is a serious investigation going on re: BLM on charges of RICO violations.

    So no civil war. Just a lot of insanity for a brief period. I also have a feeling Trump will end up with a much more congenial congress.

    My apologies for the long comment.

    All Good Things,

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