Impeachment Trump

By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Guess what, Kids?

As long as there is one democrat (communist), or one liberal (communist) news outlet: this will go on forever.

As long as you have a Biden (who, like Superman, can simply inhale and eradicate all viruses.) Or a DeBlasio (who will “welcome” all illegals.) Or, an Andrew Cuomo who will “organize” everything until it rings like crystal (in an “off the cuff,” well-planned death-knell.)

Or—as long as you have one more dirty little bastard media goon, like a Lemon, Behar, Whoopi, or Whoever else….

…then, this crazed panic will go onward. It will continue. And Americans will continue stupidly giving up their rights–to democrat (communist) Rulers in duly elected governments.

Kids, there is no way to stop this.

No way to shut it down. No way to prevent destruction of America–or of Common Sense, and The Freedoms we are born to.

America is changed forever, now.

No matter what happens. No matter who’s in Office. I can hear it now: “If we can save just one child from the coronavirus, we must (insert whatever it is that totalitarians do)….”

And–get used to it.

But, get ahead of it.

Try to figure out what’s next. What YOU will do. What you can do.

About Jeffrey A. Friedberg, A VIEW FROM THE STREET: Quick, impolite, and to the point.... 579 Articles
A VIEW FROM THE STREET: BANNED ALMOST EVERYWHERE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO READ WHAT HE SAYS, what does This 79-year-old, EX-STREET P.I., who actually Lived through "History," And Remembers It, Still Think? - "...I hate every political system on Earth. I have no time for any politician, ruler, faked bullshit Cause, or religion. And I loathe any lying Media sonofabitch who assists them to enslave Humanity. They can all go to's only when 'civilization,' cities, and religion, or 'science,' are imposed upon Humanity that nothing makes sense and worlds go haywire. The ultimate goal of civilizations---its rulers, priests, and power elites---has always been to divide us, conquer, and rule over us and our human the end...only the State or its State religion will rule." (Prophetically published, in 2012: prophetically quoted from, "RED WHITE AND DEAD AGAIN," A thriller book, by "PRESIDENT-ELECT," (like Biden) Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2012.)

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