Trump Circumvents Media w/Website that Delivers News Directly to Americans.

While the Progressive media was busy having a meltdown Tuesday over President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director, James Comey, the President launched campaign/news website,

To the disdain of the media propagandists, bypasses the mainstream media which peddles in fake news, believes that it is their job to tell us what to think while at the same time placing a media blackout on any news coming out of the White House, Trump administration.

The website circumvents the noise and the hate to report news and events directly to the American people.


The webpage, voters are told, “delivers current and compelling information for all Americans about the president’s policies, his achievements to Make America Great Again, and his re-election campaign.”

“The new website will provide a one-stop online destination to learn the facts about President Trump’s actions that are enabling new economic growth and changing the American political landscape. New official campaign merchandise is also available on the website.”

The site will present “facts the mainstream media is hiding about policy positions and actions by President Trump; compelling, never-before-seen photos from recent campaign rallies and events featuring President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence; news announcements from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; and other materials that you won’t find anywhere else in the media.”

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That sound you hear is the heads of those in the mainstream media exploding at the thought of their propaganda machine becoming irrelevant.

I think I hear Chuck Schumer whimpering in the background somewhere.

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