Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Topeka, Kansas (video) 10/06/2018

Last evening President Donald J. Trump held a MAGA Rally at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas on behalf of GOP Congressman Kevin Yoder who is running against Democratic opponent, Sharice Davids.

A mere few hours after the well-deserved and hard-fought victory, the President stated,

“This is a truly historic night. I stand before you today on the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved Constitution…”

President Trump celebrated a historic chapter added to his legacy that occurred Saturday afternoon, i.e., the U. S. Senate’s vote 50-48 vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Associate Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh was sworn in a few hours later and the President signed “the Judge’s Commission aboard Air Force One.”

In addition, Kavanaugh will be sworn in Monday night at 7 p.m. in the White House.

The President giving credit where credit is due thanked Republicans for refusing to stand down, “in the face of the Democrats’ shameless campaign of political and personal destruction.”

Trump deserves that victory lap, as do those Republicans (can’t believe I’m saying this) who learned to fight, blocked the Red Wall, stood with Kavanaugh, stood up to rabid protesters (excluding Jeff Flake) and with media cameras in their faces, exposed Senate DemonRATS as the R-E-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-E.

Triumphant or trolling rabid Communists in meltdown mode (depending on which side of the fence one sits) over the Kavanaugh vote and swearing in, Trump mentioned the possibility of having to appoint future Supreme Court Justices.


…The commander-in-chief also noted that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh may only be his first two Supreme Court appointments.

“You will have other Supreme Court justices to file, could be three, or could be four, could be a lot,” Trump said. “If you allow the wrong people to get in office, they could change that and they could change it fast”[…]

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Trump called out Communist bureaucrats, their search and destroy mission, nasty lies, rancorous and partisan activities by Democrats and domestic terrorists on their behalf and the left’s sense of entitlement, promise to raise taxes and to make America “ungovernable.”

Let’s face it, since President Trump was inaugurated, it has been one battle after the other.  This past summer, the Democratic Party Communists (name them) launched an scheme to destroy the President’s Supreme Court nominee which morphed into a vicious all-out war against an innocent man and his family because he was nominated to become the next Supreme Court Justice by a man they despise, i.e., President Donald Trump. Oh yes, and the fact that Brett Kavanaugh while we may not agree with all of his future rulings means a win for the U. S. Constitution, the rule of law and Americans.

Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Mindful of the many victories, i.e., the economy, MCUSA, low unemployment rates, etc. Trump reminded voters not to be complicit, what is at stake and why we must vote this November, “Democrats have become ‘an angry mob,’ while Republicans are ‘party of law and order and justice.”

The rally in the above video begins at 3:28:35. President Trump enters at 4:09:05.

The rally in the above video begins at 1:51:21. President Trump enters at 2:31:21.

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