Trump Polls Better Than Obama At This Point In His Presidency

When I first saw this I didn’t believe it. After living for 15 months in what the Left would describe as the “Trump-ocalypse” since the 2016 election, Trump is actually polling better than the Left’s messiah Barack Obama. Rasmussen reports, “Since last week’s State of the Union address, Trump’s approval ratings have been running slightly ahead of where Barack Obama was at this stage of his presidency. ”

Let that sink in for a moment. 

A president who the media has reported on 90% negatively is polling slightly above a president who the media “tingled” over. That president went on to win re-election handily 3 years later.

No wonder the Left continues melting down, resorting to propaganda like this article in The Atlantic which made me laugh. Not only has the Left lost its collective mind over Trump, they think we have too. I may belong to the “Stupid Party” but we’re not that stupid.