Trump Regains Lead in Brand New Rasmussen and LA Times Post Debate Polls

trend-upDonald Trump has jumped back into the lead over Hillary Clinton in the latest Rasmussen Poll.

The poll is a 3 day rolling average, which means that all of the responses in this poll are from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I wrote the following:

Good news for Trump Supporters.

Rasmussen showed on Friday – before the Trump Tapes leaked – Clinton with a 1 point advantage.

On Monday, their 3 day rolling average showed that the leaked tapes pushed Clinton out to her biggest jump yet – a 7 point lead over Republican Donald Trump.

But after his fantastic debate performance on Sunday night, the 3 day average which was taken Saturday and Sunday prior to the debate when the Monday polls were added in, Clinton’s lead was down to just 5 points. Which means that Monday was a good day poll-wise for Trump. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in Trump’s favor.

So the data we were seeing on Tuesday was from polls taken Saturday and Sunday before the debate, but after the release of the “Trump Tapes” where he used some locker room language more than a decade ago, along with Monday’s results that were after the debate. So the Friday through Sunday poll showed Clinton with a 7 point lead.

Then when the 3 day rolling average included data from Monday, after the debate, Clinton’ lead dropped to just 5 points.

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