How Trump Should Respond to the Recount Effort

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

By Scott Kirwin

By choosing to support Stein’s recount effort the Clinton campaign has reopened November 8th’s results, in effect nullifying Clinton’s concession to Trump. The recount will at the least shift the focus from Trump’s policy definition and cabinet building effort to the happenings by voting officials in windowless rooms in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The potential fallout from the recount could be disastrous if substantial irregularities are found. Liberals will pounce upon each new vote falling into Clinton’s column as proof of fraud at the time of the elections. Conservatives will state the same, except the fraud occurred sometime after the votes were stored.

In the event that fraud is found in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania, and Trump loses, who will be right? Was the election stolen for Trump on November 8th or for Clinton afterwards? It’s a chilling prospect, and not just for those of us who voted for Trump. It would imply that our election was hacked by a foreign power on November 8th or by a domestic one after that date. Either way would wound our republic in ways that go far beyond liberal tears being shed on YouTube videos.

Actions must have consequences. Trump ruled out prosecuting Clinton for her mishandling of classified data, stating that he didn’t want to hurt her anymore. By allowing her campaign to legitimize Stein’s recount effort Clinton has decided to send the American people back in time to November 8th, subjecting us to the pain that divide us and pretty much tearing the scab of 2 1/2 weeks of healing. Trump should publicly announce that by pulling the American people back to November 8th he will do the same and restate his pledge to assign a special prosecutor to indict Hillary Clinton as soon as he takes office in January.

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Currently Hillary and the Democrats have nothing to lose by supporting the recount effort and everything to gain. Trump and the GOP have the opposite. Trump must level the playing field by making sure Hillary has skin in this game. Raising the threat of prosecution does that.

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