Trump retweets “Hillary hit by a golf ball” meme and it serves her right

Hillary golf ball meme

Hillary Clinton’s sore loser behavior is a direct attack on American democracy. Trump’s tweeting a golf ball meme is an appropriate and mild response.

The media arm of the Democrat party, also known as the mainstream media, is in an uproar because President Trump retweeted a very funny gif that The People’s Cube created, one showing one of his golf balls knocking Hillary down:

Starting this Sunday morning and all day afterwards the world’s most serious and respectable newspapers and magazines (see the impressive list below) have been having conniptions and reaching for smelling salts. Why?

Because Donald Trump retweeted our silly animated GIF.

If you are a regular here at the People’s Cube, you may have seen this meme, which is only a funny metaphor of last year’s elections.

Hillary Golf Ball Trump

The image is obviously a joke. More importantly, it’s a deserved response to Hillary’s latest authorial effort, What Happened.

Reading the book (or listening to anything Hillary has said since November 9, 2016), it’s apparent that Hillary has never about America’s “gracious loser” tradition. This tradition is not a mere formality. It’s an important part of handing over power in a representative democracy.

Democracies retain their character only if people believe in them. (It’s sort of like clapping your hands if you believe in fairies.) Once people become cynical, the people’s party is over and tyranny steps in. So again, the good loser tradition is not mere symbolism; it is important and meaningful.

Hillary, however, is a very, very bad loser. Here are representative quotations from just the first couple of chapters in her book:

My friends understood how painful it would be to sit on the platform and watch Donald Trump sworn in as our next Commander in Chief. I had campaigned relentlessly to make sure that never happened. I was convinced he represented a clear and present danger to the country and the world. Now the worst had happened, and he was going to take the oath of office. Clinton, Hillary Rodham : What Happened (Kindle Locations 102-103).

When Trump declared his candidacy for real in 2015, I thought it was another joke, like a lot of people did. By then, he’d remade himself from tabloid scoundrel into right-wing crank, with his long, offensive, quixotic obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate. What Happened (Kindle Locations 148-150)

It was impossible to ignore Trump—the media gave him free wall-to-wall coverage. I thought it was important to call him out for his bigotry, which I did early and often, starting when he called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers the day he announced his candidacy. What Happened (Kindle Locations 152-153).

The new President’s speech was dark and dystopian. I heard it as a howl straight from the white nationalist gut. Its most memorable line was about “American carnage,” a startling phrase more suited to a slasher film than an inaugural address. What Happened (Kindle Locations 160-162).

Listening to Trump, it almost felt like there was no such thing as truth anymore. It still feels that way. What Happened (Kindle Locations 173-174).

Instead of admitting mistakes, [Trump] lashes out, demeans, and insults others—often projecting by accusing others of doing what he himself has done or is about to do. What Happened (Kindle Locations 658-660).

We know now that I lost that bet—not because a Republican came along and made a more credible counteroffer to middle-class voters but because Donald Trump did something else: appeal to the ugliest impulses of our national character. What Happened (Kindle Locations 1140-1141).

Hillary hasn’t just attacked Trump; she’s attacked American democracy. For Trump to tweak her with a funny meme is a very mild response to Hillary’s un-American (and really un-classy) show of being the sorest of sore losers.

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