Trump Triumphs Again- Believe It Or Not

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Yes, the only real way to label last night’s festivities is Trump triumphs again.

I admit to being somewhat disappointed at losing a few good people…I was pulling for John James to win that Senate senate seat from Michigan, but in the end, Wayne County and Detroit, where there are 44% more registered voters than people who can actually vote saved the day for the incumbent, Deb Stabenow. And then there’s Scott Walker, who would have won by a hair if the Democrats hadn’t bribed a Libertarian and a bunch of independents to get into the race. Their vote totals more than make up the difference between Walker and his Democrat opponent. And of course, there’s Dave Brat.

But overall, this was Trump triumphs again, and I knew it for sure when the president gave his press conference. He’s already playing mind games with these people!

There he was, talking about bi-partisanship and working together with the Dems. Does anyone really think he doesn’t know who these people are? By setting this tone, he’s also setting a huge trap that will be sprung when the Dems revert to type. He also talked about working together for America, blah blah blah. I’m sure he doesn’t believe that’s going to happen. But by saying it, when the Dems get hung up on investigating this that and the other, he’ll be in a position to remind America that instead of trying to work with him, the Dems are simply obstructing any progress for partisan reasons. And his low key warning about investigations ‘they need to remember two can play that game’ is a direct challenge.

Here’s what really happened last night, and why Trump isn’t angry or sad, like the media jackals hoped he would be.

The Republicans now dominate the senate. They have 52 seats, and when Arizona is called for McSally and when Ms. Hyde-Smith. who’s also ahead wins the special Mississippi special election, they will have 54 seats to 46 Democrat held seats, and that includes independents like Bernie Sanders who caucus with the Democrats.

That means several things. It brings a number of newcomers, many of whom are going to be around for awhile like Marsha McSally, and Firecracker Marsha Blackburn, who I’ve wanted to see in the Senate for years. And don’t be surprised if newcomers Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley and Mike Braun
turn out to be very effective as well. All three came from behind to beat well funded incumbents as well as fake ‘libertarians’ and independents funded by Democrats. Also, this new crop are firm Trump allies, as is Rick Scott from Florida.

Here’s what else it means. President Trump can appoint any judges he wants, and any cabinet members he wants, including a new Attorney General. He’s also impeachment proof, and can ignore any Democrat legislation the same way Harry Reid ignored the GOP dominated house. Mitch McConnell  cans  simply chuckle, say to himself ‘I’m not presenting this crap to the Senate’ and just stick it in a drawer somewhere. Harry Reid did this with almost 300 pieces of GOP passed House legislation while he was Majority leader. And McConnell, having been attacked by rabid Dems when he was simply trying to enjoy a meal with his wife now has an axe to grind.

It also means that any legislation the Dem dominated House comes up with with either be something the GOP Senate will be willing to work on, or to have it go nowhere. And that if the Dems want any consideration at all, they had better be prepared to give the GOP and President Trump some quid pro quo in return.

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It was also, to some extent, a purge of the Republican Party. When you look at which Republican incumbents lost their seats last night, the majority were those who didn’t particularly like or support our president…members of congress like Mia Love, Barbara Comstock, or Mark Reed or Senators like Dean Heller in Nevada. They lost. Other GOP Congress members self destructed, retiring because they took the idea of a blue wave as promoted by the usual suspects in the media seriously and simply ran away. It’s worth noting that out of the 27 seats the Democrats gained to win their majority, at least 15 of them were in districts where Democrats ran unopposed. Republicans fearful of the Blue Wave refused to take them on.

But even in the California SSR, there were Republican incumbents like Duncan Hunter, Devin Nunes, Tom McClintock, and Kevin McCarthy who fought to keep their seats and won. There were even some new faces, like Young Kim, who in spite of being vastly out spent, outgunned staff wise, and a novice in politics against an experienced Democrat politico, Gil Cisneros,  prevailed. She did so even when her ads were censored by social media…because part of her amazing story involves fleeing from Cambodia’s killing grounds, an atrocity the Democrats who swept in after Watergate were entirely responsible for*. She showed extraordinary courage, kept fighting on and won the votes of her district. Expect big things from her, because she exhibited that courage where others were happy to flee.

This didn’t work for everyone…I mentioned Dave Brat, who I hope gets up off the floor and runs again. But it worked in a number of cases. Those who fled or divorced themselves from our president tended to lose. Those who stood by him and fought back tended to win.

This is now, for the most part, President Trump’s party. And that’s one thing the Left ought to fear.

The Blue Wave was a costly and expensive Blue Puddle.

The estimates of what the Democrats spent for the ‘blue wave’ range from a low of $3.5 billion dollars – that’s billion with a ‘B’ – and up.

For that expenditure, they got  only 27 house seats, mostly in hard core blue states. And a total of 7 governorships, all of them in very Blue States except Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin, all of whom they won by a hair and in Michigan and Wisconsin, with the aid of Dem financed Libertarians and independents .

After spending all that money, they lost 5 Senate seats (as usual, the media is refusing to call Arizona for McSally and the Mississippi special election for Hyde-Smith, even though the votes have all been tallied and both are ahead).

The GOP also now has governors in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona and a number of other strategic states and a lot of state legislators to match.

They also burnt up a fair amount of prospective talent, good as far as I’m concerned. ‘Beto’ O’Rourke will probably be back, because the media is so invested in him, as the next Kennedy. That’s easy to understand, given his record for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident he caused.Plus his teeth have that rodent like Kennedy appearance. Thing is,  he has so much baggage at this point he’s probably better off getting a job of some kind, one that doesn’t involve driving..maybe a yes monkey at MSNBC or CNN.  Andrew Gillum is a Jew hater and a Marxist, but he was just slick enough to try to use the Florida Governorship as a stepping stone. Instead he got beaten a lot worse than the stats show, once all those ‘independents’ who ran in Florida are accounted for. Ditto for Stacy Abrams in Georgia. I doubt either of them gets another shot, especially Gillum, who is looking at campaign finance violations and other problems.

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Then there’s Kevin De Leon, who ran for the Senate in California. He’s a huge advocate of open borders, amnesty for illegal migrants and ID theft. I actually voted for DiFi instead. The amount of trouble she can cause at her age is very limited. De Leon, on the other hand is younger, more energetic  and a lot more likely to be a nuisance. Step on the young serpent who’s a real threat rather then pestering the old snake on her last legs.

Speaking of the old snakes, Bill Clinton was persona non grata on the campaign trail.

So part of that $3.5 billion plus undoubtedly went to  tempt Barack Hussein Obama to go on the road and campaign for his fellow Democrats. As we all know our former President doesn’t work for nothing and  likes to travel in style.

Every candidate he campaigned for lost, and the crowds he drew were usually a thousand or so.

Our President’s rallies, which mainly concentrated on Trump Allies running for the Senate regularly drew thousands, with people unable to get in watch outside on monitors. Most of the people he campaigned for won.

The relatively meager results and the fight over what spoils exist  are going to accelerate the civil war in the Democrat party.

Just as the old quasi Jacksonian Democrats were driven out of the party by the New Left , the New Left Dems now face a challenge to their leadership by the even crazier, more radical millenial Left, personified by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Linda Sarsour, the aforementioned Kevin De Leon, Tom Perez,Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren,Andrew Gillum, etc.

They basically want to drag the Democrat Party to the far Left, rather like the UK’s Labour Party.

The other side are the old line radicals who have gotten comfortable with the way things are but are still down for the struggle if it isn’t too inconvenient. In this group, you’d find DIFi, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Debbi Stabenow etc.

The millennial hard core socialists feel they have no need to listen to more experienced hands who understand how DC works.They want it all now and that includes perks, committee chairs, you name it.

The Old Guard feel (with some justification) that they know best as the voice of experience and that these youngsters better wait their turn.

Trump has already pretty much unified most of the GOP. The Democrats have yet to heal their breech. And that will cost them.

Rather than an end to America’s renewal, what we have here is an essential step along the road.

Yes, Trump triumphs again. And we have great days ahead…just watch.

*If anyone wants to know more about this, please make a question in the comments section.

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