Trump Wins The Electoral Vote (And No, Hillary Didn’t Win The Popular Vote)

Today, the electors of the Electoral College had their official vote, and one candidate lost electoral votes.

That would be Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had 4 of her electors peel off and vote for someone else. In Washington, a state Clinton won, she ended up with only eight of the state’s 12 electoral votes. Colin Powell received three votes and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle received one. Two of Donald Trump’s electors, both from Texas peeled off as well,one voting for Ron Paul and another for John Kasich. That gave him a total of 306, far above the 270 he needed. One of them was Christopher Suprun, who now faces prosecution under federal Stolen Valor statutes for claiming he was a 9/11 first responder when he wasn’t anywhere near New York or Washington DC on the day in question. Probably just got confused…again.

There were, of course, protesters inside and outside the state capitol buildings where the votes were cast. After going to the trouble of harassing electors for over a month withe-mails, phone calls, and even death threats, they certainly weren’t going to stop now. Some of the indoor tantrums were hilarious:

The entire clip on NBC News shows the man in the glasses warning her gently, exactly that way you would speak to a child..’now please sit down, or we’ll have to give you a time out.’ When she went nuts, she was removed.

There are other clips of this sort of behavior, but this should suffice.

The part that isn’t hilarious at all is the blatant disrespect for our democracy and the American people who voted for Donald Trump. The psychodrama was fueled by the myth of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, something the media keeps rehashing, perhaps in hopes people will eventually think of it as a fact.

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