Trump’s National Emergency press conference was a tour de force

Trump’s National Emergency press conference was a tour de force



…the press conference made clear that it was government regulation that was stifling America’s ability to fight this viral war. To fight against a vicious enemy, Trump cleared the way for private sector innovation, efficiency, and patriotism:

  • President Trump continues to cut through every piece of unnecessary red tape that may hinder our response efforts and make every Federal resource available.
  • The President will empower the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to waive provisions of certain laws and regulations and give maximum flexibility to healthcare providers to care for their patients.
  • The declaration will provide HHS with critical authorities to waive:
    • Certain laws to enable telehealth, remote doctors’ visits, and hospital check-ins
    • Licensing requirements so doctors from other states can provide services in areas with the greatest need.
    • Critical Access Hospital requirements to allow those hospitals to have more beds and longer lengths of stay
    • The requirement of a 3-day hospital stay prior to admission to a nursing home.
    • Rules hindering hospitals’ ability to bring additional physicians on board or obtain needed office space.
    • Restrictions on where hospitals can care for patients.
  • The Administration will be working to eliminate every obstacle possible to ensure healthcare providers can deliver Americans the care they need.

America’s strength is her people, not her government. Trump is mobilizing the private sector, which promises us a victory as great as that in WWII, except without the hundreds of thousands of casualties that Bernie predicts.

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