UPDATE: Yes, Axe Attack In Germany Was Jihad. Today, A Second Attack

Yesterday, I reported on a shocking attack in Germany at the Dusseldorf train station by men using axes that injured five people, one critically. The police caught either one or two suspects depending on who’s reporting it. Of course, with German elections nearing the authorities weren’t releasing any information on the attackers, a dead giveaway that Muslims, and likely refugees were involved. The German police weren’t even referring to it as terrorism or as an attack but as an ‘incident.’ As I put it yesterday, “Anyone want to bet these weren’t Germany’s refugees in action? ”

The name of one attacker has been released. He has been identified as 36-year-old Fatmir H. originally from Kosovo.

Told you so. The German press and the authorities not only would have taken pains to say no ‘refugees’ were involved otherwise. And the axes were also a sure sign jihadis were involved. The last time an axe attack happened in Germany, back in 2016, it was a Pakistani ‘refugee.’

The suspect the police didn’t catch went back to attacking the infidels and has probably already left the country. I’m guessing that because of where the latest attack occurred.

There was a machete attack today in Dusseldorf on Kalkumer Schlossallee, a street a street right near the Dusseldorf international airport. The target of this brave jihadi was an 80-year old man, who was still conscious when he was found. The German media are keeping quiet on this, but word has leaked out that the victim described the attacker as being of Middle Eastern appearance.

Even more grimly ironic, the authorities are saying there appears to be no connection between the two attack ‘so far.’


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