Uproar after Officer Shoots Univ. of Chicago Student Wielding Pipe in Shoulder

That part of the narrative that the Progressives pushing the war on America’s law enforcement do not want Americans to see or hear, for that matter.

The usual suspects are protesting a police shooting at the University of Chicago last week, and others since last week’s of twenty-one-year-old Charles Thomas shooting at night in a darkened alley appears to be justified.

Thomas was neutralized but not killed when, as witnessed by police body and dash cams, the student suspected of breaking apartment windows with a pipe and appearing to be on edge began to dangerously wield what appears to be a pipe as he walked towards police who repeatedly urged Thomas to put the pipe down.

Failing to yield to their warnings, Thomas continued walking towards the three officers and at one point, it appears in the video that he attempted to rush the officers prompting an officer to shoot him in the shoulder.  Thomas, then went down, wounded and began to curse at the police officers, repeatedly yelling “f–k you all!” (Video below-warning: language alert)

Fox 32-Chicago

Charles Thomas, 21, of the 5400 block of South Kimbark Avenue, was charged with one felony count of aggravated assault of a peace officer, two felony counts of criminal damage to property more than $300,000 and two misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property, Chicago Police said.

Thomas was shot by university police after reports of a burglary Tuesday night in the alley between South Kimbark and South Woodlawn Avenue near 53rd Street in the South Side Hyde Park neighborhood, according to Assistant Vice President for Communications Jeremy Manier.

When officers arrived they found a man “with a long metal pipe, breaking car and apartment windows,” Manier said. Body camera footage released Wednesday night shows the student wearing a visor over his face and rubber gloves on his hands while holding the pipe[…]

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In spite of the disturbing events that unfolded, the usual suspects are accusing campus police of mishandling the situation, dog whistle for “dude, you didn’t have to shoot the guy.”  Balderdash.  What were they to do, let someone who at the time was appeared to be in a state of agitation bash their heads in?

Rally organizers have a list of changes that they are demanding the University of Chicago implement, one of which is disarming the police.

According to Thomas’ mother, the student was having a psychiatric episode.


…Rally organizers said they want to see several changes from university police, including some funding for the department rerouted to mental health resources.

“This event and many others can be avoided if we just had a 24-hour mental health responder that was trained in handling crisis intervention and de-escalating situations like this,” student Tunisia Tai said[…]

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The rally was scheduled to have taken place this past Friday.  The motto: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste. [my emphasis on the latter.]

Student Protesters Want University Of Chicago Police Disarmed


The Elephant in the Room: Chicago’s Crime and Murder Problem.

In the meantime, number of those shot, wounded, killed and homicides throughout Chicago last week (April 1-April 7),

Number of those shot, wounded, killed and homicides throughout Chicago during the last month, i.e., March 10 thru April 7, 2018:

Number of those shot, wounded, killed and homicides throughout Chicago this year to date:


Source: Hey Jackass! (See also:  The Weekend’s Shoot-o-Rahm-a)

Number of protests this year in response to those killed in Chicago in robberies, home invasions, drive-bys, black on black violence, etc. —

H/t The Conservative Moms: The Next Army of Davids – [Check out TCM’s series of articles: RATINGS GOLD…EXCEPT IN CHICAGO.]

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