Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez cries out to wife he is being tortured

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has been held in solitary confinement for 71 days, and has not been allowed to speak to his lawyers for 81 days. The above photo shows him prior to his February 2014 arrest.

Yesterday López’s wife tweeted this,
“Leopoldo himself cried out from his cell that he’s being tortured. I demand to see him and know he’s well!”

She was not allowed to see him.

In Venezuela, prisoners say abuse is so bad they are forced to eat pasta mixed with excrement

Earlier this month, the judge who upheld López’s jail sentence was shot dead during a robbery.

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If you are living in opposition areas your Internet and light and water services have noticeably decreased in “quality”, as if they ever had any in the first place.

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Photo by A.Davey

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