VICE News uses one illegal immigrant to pushes anti-Trump propaganda

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VICE News’ sob story about an illegal immigrant forced to cross legally into Canada to escape the evil Trump was truth to Leftist, but propaganda to me.

The other night, I found myself sitting with a Progressive friend and watching VICE News, which is a Bill Maher production that runs on HBO. In other words, a savvy viewer understands that the producer is a hard Left Progressive who is pushing his beliefs on a cable channel that has a relentlessly hard Left orientation. VICE’s story about the sufferings an illegal immigrant forced to go to Canada was no exception.

The story (not a news report, but a story) focused on a poor El Salvadoran man who’s been living in the US illegally for seventeen years; got married to a woman who is here legally, although she’s apparently not an American citizen; and has two young children. The children, presumably, have been enjoying the benefits, such as they are, of growing up in America.

According to the immigrant (whose name I have forgotten), were he to return to El Salvador, he would have only two choices: join a gang or watch his family be killed. However, with Donald Trump in office threatening actually to enforce the laws of the land, the immigrant is too frightened to stay in America and has decided, instead, to go to Canada. Although Trump has been president for less than two months, there’s already a new underground railroad through Leftist churches to make it easy for him to do so.

As the story progresses, we see the immigrant sitting alone in a Buffalo safe house; we hear the minister going on about his church’s role in the slave-era Underground Railway; we see his cute children badmouthing Trump; and we see his entire family decide to make the journey to Canada so that they can stay together. As part of all this, VICE, with tears it its eyes, and without any apparent irony, talks about the difficult hurdles he’ll have to cross because of Canada’s strict immigration laws. Canada’s strict border enforcement is somehow mutated into a good thing because it has the possibility of mercy, while America’s attempt at reinstating existing border laws just a fraction as strict as those in Canada is the ultimate evil.

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