[VIDEO] Free speech must logically include freedom NOT to speak

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold
Free Speech

Free speech is meaningless if the government can nevertheless force you to say things that conflict with your values. But Leftist governments persists…

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  1. Good morning Bookworm,

    I have a problem with the LGBTQY, etc. community and their Progressive collaborators’ war on Christian businesses.

    Their outrage and mission to destroy a Christian business because the owner(s) cannot create their ideological based t-shirts or bake wedding cakes for their nuptials is a violation of the business owner’s first amendment rights.

    It is also selective outrage intended to destroy the individual and his livelihood by those who would never be outraged if a Nazi or member of the KKK were refused service not just by a Black person but anyone these days.

    Of course, on the ridiculous end, the left would be outraged if a Black person were refused service by a Nazi or member of the KKK.

    As I see it, the left has gone too far. The same people who despise capitalism and their politicians who single handledly have spearheaded the destruction of small businesses.

    We are now witnessing the effect of what happens when you give in to the left, starting with Christianity and anti-Semitis moving on to the Confederate Flag then our Confederate monuments which now has morphed into a war on the monuments of our Founders.

    All is connected. We are a Christian nation and the plot is to destroy it all.

    I apologize if I morphed off subject.

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