[VIDEO] You might feel rather ill watching this man’s Muslim hygiene

Muslim Hygiene

A video that has been making the rounds for a couple of months before I saw it offers so much insight Muslim hygiene that it may well put you off eating Middle Eastern food forever. And yes, I have no doubt that the man in the video is a Muslim. Indeed, I so want to make sure you’re as convinced as I am about his religious persuasion that I’m going to make you wait before you watch the video. First, I’ll tell you a few things about Muslim hygiene that you may not know.

Thing One: In just the past two years, two stomach-churning stories emerged about kitchens in Middle Eastern restaurants in England that were covered in fecal matter. In Swindon,

A CURRY chef who stored an empty milk bottle he used for washing his backside in the kitchen has been banned from running a restaurant.

A senior environmental heath officer felt physically sick when she found Mahbub Chowdhury had the two pint plastic Tesco container stored under the sink.

And when she quizzed him about the container, which had brown finger marks on the outside of it, he said he didn’t use toilet paper ‘for cultural reasons’.


“Most shocking, Mrs Clinton found in the kitchen under the double sink and empty plastic milk bottle that was extremely dirty and covered in brown fingerprints,” he said.

“He filled it with water from the kitchen sink and used it to wash his bottom after toileting.

“He didn’t use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Mrs Clinton concluded the brown finger prints were faecal matter.

“He said he needed to remove the faecal matter from his body after using the toilet

“So a bottle used for his cleaning his bottom found inside the kitchen where food is prepared.”

Mr Burns sad “It was a plastic milk bottle from Tesco, a two pint receptacle for milk.”

He added “The officer felt, quite frankly, sick at having the handle that.”

That story is bad enough, but it wasn’t the first of its kind. The same thing happened the previous year up in Nottingham, with fewer gross details, but more serious health consequences:

To read more, please go here.

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