[VIDEOS] About Hillary’s fainting spell … and the world she wants to lead

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Hillary’s campaign is in cover-up mode, but it’s clear to the meanest intelligence that something bad happened today at the 911 Memorial. It’s so bad that Chris Cillizza has had to concede that Hillary’s health, rather than being a fevered imagining in the right-wing swamps (which he argued a little more than a month ago), is instead a real issue. Even die-hards at the Leftist Slate acknowledged that the first video released showing Hillary’s departure from the 911 memorial didn’t look good.

Even worse for Hillary, the more videos that appear regarding her collapse, the worse it looks. As you can see, she’s unable to stand upright as she waits for her SUV, leaning instead on a short pillar with people supporting her. When she moves towards the vehicle, she staggers and bobs as if she’s so drunk she’s barely conscious. Since I don’t think that Hillary, despite her reputation for tippling, was drunk this morning, something else very bad is going on:

To watch the videos and read more, go here.

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  1. I believe it is safe to see that the Hillary Clinton has some serious health issues going on. The mainstream media are now in the position that they can no longer cover for Clinton.

    News that Clinton is supposedly afflicted with pneumonia must be freaking out of those mainstream media moonbats who spent the past week traveling on the same plane, crooning over the Crooked One and breathing in the same re-cycled air.

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