[VIDEOS] Hearing an authentic black voice

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Black voice Ayanna Presley Shemeka Michelle

When it comes to “authentic black voices,” a young black woman today and a Jewish comedian from 45 years ago both put the race hustlers in their place.

Proving herself the inheritor of the Jim Crow mantle, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) announced that only those speaking in racial voices she deems acceptable will be considered members of the Democrat party:

A young woman named Shemeka Michelle rose to the challenge — and you must watch her:

I’m in awe of Ms. Michelle’s intelligence, humor, and courage. But I feel I must also pay homage to the great Mel Brooks, who figured out 45 years ago how to poke fun at grotesque racial stereotyping from the race hustling crowd, be it black, white, or other. For those unfamiliar with this scene, it’s from Blazing Saddles, which is quite possibly the funniest movie ever written:

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