Voter Registration Fraud, Alive and Kicking in Pennsylvania

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Progressive grassroots organization, FieldWorks LLC and Washington, DC based, is fast becoming the ACORN of the 2016 election season due to allegations of voter registration fraud and “tampering with public records or information” prompting authorities in Pennsylvania to raid two of its offices this past week.

On Monday seeking evidence of voter registration fraud, law enforcement with a warrant from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office raided the FieldWorks office in Delaware County quickly followed up by a second office raid Thursday in North Philadelphia.

… At the Philadelphia office Thursday, in a converted factory along the 3500 block of Scotts Lane, plainclothes investigators and uniformed state troopers executed the warrant.

FieldWorks employees on site declined to talk. A spokesman for the company referred to a statement it released earlier this week in which the firm said it has “zero tolerance for fraud” and vowed to work with authorities “to seek the prosecution of anyone involved in wrongdoing….”

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FieldWorks pays canvassers on an hourly basis while claiming that there are no quotas to be met (yeah, sure). Like ACORN, suspicions were raised after numerous irregularities were discovered on voter registration applications such as addresses that do not exist…. oh, yes, and Cuyahoga County, Ohio where FieldWorks engaged in the same illegalities.

The Associated Press is reporting that ¾ of last minute voter registrations were tossed due to errors by Philadelphia officials.

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In Delaware County, 3,400 voter registration applications were either duplicates, had invalid addresses or some other kind of error thereby invalidating the application.

Then there is the matter of provisional ballots, applications of which FieldWorks claims its dispatched to Pennsylvania Department of State before October 11, 2016 deadline. However, Delaware County’s offices did not receive the ballots until after the deadline. Of those ballots, “voters named on another 1,160 valid applications could submit provisional ballots Tuesday, even though their applications arrived at the county after Pennsylvania’s Oct. 11 deadline to register for the election.”

No word yet on dead voters registered to vote.

But as further noted in

…In 2012, Christopher Gallaway, one of the firm’s owners, testified before the board of elections for the Cincinnati area after his group flagged hundreds of possibly fraudulent registration applications.

“As an entity that hires, you know, several thousand temporary hourly employees every year . . . we have come to realize that despite out best efforts to screen people . . . there are going to be . . . employees that we hire who unfortunately try to lie to us, steal from us by getting paid for no work and commit fraud,” he said, according to a hearing transcript….

Dog whistle for keep an eye out for dead voters.

Former FieldWorks employee, Ruthann Alexander, canvassed this summer for FieldWorks only to be terminated a several weeks later for not making her quota, correction “daily goals” of 18 new voters per day.

… Goals were stressed at trainings and meetings, Alexander said.

‘The manager told me and she told the room full of people that she didn’t really care how we got our quota,’ she said. ‘I’m guessing she meant within reason, but she did say to me, especially when she was telling me that I needed to make my numbers, she told me she was under a lot of pressure…’

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No wonder Progressives are fighting to keep Republicans from watching the poll stations.

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