#WalkAway “Why I left the Democrat Party” — Compilation Parts 1 and 2 (videos)

Democrats mean the opposite of everything that they claim to represent. Enter two summers ago, when Black Lives Matter coined the phrase #StayWoke, now embraced by Progressives across the spectrum.  Stay Woke on the surface implies that to be “woke” one must think, eat and drink the Democratic kool-aid.  In reality, it is code for its followers to remain asleep, a zombie who questions nothing.

As not reported by the Communist media complex and when told, the reporting is skewed, hostile and hell bent on shaming those leaving the Democratic Party back on to the Progressive plantation.

For the record, all would fit into one of many Progressive labels except that they’re not Russian bots as the Communist media complex, deep state and pundits would have you believe.  Nor do they embrace victimhood, a requirement of the Progressive plantation.


Published on Oct 15, 2018 BY #WalkAway Campaign Official YouTube

You can view the livestream #Walkaway March in Washington, D.C.  Here:



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Unhyphenated American female, born and raised in the Empire State and who like most New Yorkers, in spite of being a registered Democrat, I voted for the candidate, not the party which meant voting often across party lines throughout the years. In 2008, coming to terms once and for all with the fact that Democrats and I had nothing in common, I left the liberal cesspool forever. Of course, I now have a grudge to settle after decades of being lied to and so I blog to right the wrongs and expose the lies.