August 17, 2018

Watcher Council Submissions October 20, 2010

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

When I was in college, I had a roommate who was contemptuous of over-produced rock music. He wasn’t a fan of most of the popular groups; he dismissed it as pop. Some fifteen years later I got the same attitude from a friend who was into country music. He couldn’t stand most of the major country acts with the over-produced sounds, but he liked those who stuck to a more traditional sound. In particular he really liked Lee Ann Womack who was just starting out at the time.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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URGENT: SS Administration Announcement Affecting Your Benefits 
Due to a change in Social Security regulations that took place on April 30th 2016, you can now add as much as a potential $570 to your monthly benefits… Just by contacting the SS administration and saying ONE simple  word. 

That’s an extra $6,840 a year! 

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