Watcher’s Council Nominations – Dog Days Edition

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This time of year is traditionally called the Dog Days, ( Latin: dies caniculares ) originally a sailor’s term referring to a time when Sirius, the Dog Star and the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major was most clearly visible in the sky.

Dog Days, usually falling between early August and early September were traditionally believed to be an evil time when the oceans boiled, wine turned sour, dogs went mad, monsters surfaced at sea and men became angry, hot tempered and prone to violence. Both World Wars started during the Dog Days.

Traditionally, the feast day of Saint Roch, the patron saint of dogs, is August 16.

We have our own version of Dog Days going on as war fever heats up in the Middle East and intensifies in Afghanistan, and political strife and division sweep Washington and the country.

The Dog Days, among their other attributes are also the time when people traditionally holiday, or get out of Dodge just to let passions cool off. That relief has been denied to Congress this year, as the Democrat majority in Congress found that braving the hell of Washington DC in August and plotting yet another raid on the American treasury in the form of a second stimulus infinitely preferable to facing their angry constituents at home.

Meanwhile, our Ruling Class pleasures itself in luxury resorts at our expense, seemingly blind to the temperature of the American people.

Ah, well. Such times usually end in a resolution of one kind or another, as the season changes. This version of Dog Days will be no different.


Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit

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