Watcher’s Council Results: Thinking McCaniacs and Pipes on Islamist Infiltrators

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

The posts have been reviewed and the votes for this weeks submissions for the best posts have been tallied by me playing the role of Watcher this week. And those results are:

Coming in first place in the Council voting this week is McCainiacs thinking outside of the box by Bookworm Room. In the Non-Council submissions, first place goes to The West’s Islamist Infiltrators by Daniel Pipes. The full results of the voting this week are:


2 – Bookworm Room – McCainiacs thinking outside of the box

1 2/3 – Soccer Dad – Reuters Rooters

1 1/3 – The Razor – Vindication

1 1/3 – Joshua Pundit – Georgia’s Fallout – The Good And The Bad

1 – Wolf Howling – Life In A Socialist Nanny State: When Petty Bureaucrats Have Power Over Life And Death

2/3 – The Glittering Eye – Finding the Anti-U. S. Angle


2 1/3 – Daniel Pipes – The West’s Islamist Infiltrators

1 1/3 – Russia Foreign Policy Blog – The CNN Effect: A Tale of Two Wars

1 – Walid Phares/American Thinker – South Ossetia: The Perfect Wrong War

1 – Boston Globe – Hindsight isn’t 20-20

1 – Brits At Their Best – A Better Way To Trade

1 – Discriminations – Who’s “Ignorant About Affirmative Action?

1/3 – WSJ – For Most People, College Is A Waste Of Time

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