Watcher’s Council Submissions – March 10, 2010

I am Soccer Dad. I am the new Watcher. Welcome.

There have been two previous Watchers. The original and lately Watcher #2. Plus JoshuaPundit helped out with Watching duties for a bit at the end of last year.

The first Watcher created a weekly challenge in which 12 bloggers would submit one of their own articles plus one article from around the web for the consideration of the council. Every week, the 12 council members would vote the best articles of the week.

Watcher #2 started a bit more than a year and a half ago. He lent his technical and design skills to create our new home – plus he donated the cyber real estate for us to operate out of. Many thanks to him for keeping us going and re-energizing the enterprise. But now, (un)fortunately, he has other obligations. (You ask: Obligations other than blogging? I answer: Yes, strange as it may seem, some people have them.) Many thanks to him for all that he did.

Now it’s my turn. I have no fresh new ideas. I have no great technical nor design skills. Deal with it. And read this week’s wonderful submissions.

By the way, if you’re a blogger and you have what it takes, we need a new member (or two). Why don’t you follow the instructions here, and we’ll consider you to be a future council member.

Council Submissions

Mere Rhetoric – Obama Giving Up On “Crippling” Iran Sanctions

Colossus of Rhodey – More “logic” from that wisher of death upon Republicans

Wolf Howling – The UK Through Labour’s Looking Glass

Rhymes with RightNomination Of LaRouchie By CD22 Dems Points To Failure Of Houston Media

Bookworm RoomObama Care and abortions

The Provocateur Ideological Wars Bore Me

American Digest – Massa’s Reason for Resigning. Doing (or not doing) Barney Frank’s Job

JoshuaPundit – Obama Tells Israel They Have No Right To Their Religious Shrines

The Glittering EyeThe Nightmare Scenario

Right Truth – History of Insurance

Non-Council Submissions

Across the Bay – Juan Cole’s Social Protest SUBMITTED by Mere Rhetoric

 Reason.comA Libyan Charm Offensive SUBMITTED by Colossus of Rhodey

 Big Lizards – Palin and Reagan: Together Again for the First Time SUBMITTED by Wolf Howling

The Volokh Conspiracy – Could National Juries Alleviate the Problem of Political Ignorance? SUBMITTED by Rhymes with Right

Chesler Chronicles – It’s International Women’s History Month and Where is Secretary Clinton? SUBMITTED by Right Truth

American Thinker –  Defeat vs. Repeal SUBMITTED by Bookworm Room

 Chicago Tribune/John Kass –  24 Has Jumped the Shark SUBMITTED by The Provocateur

Sippican Cottage – Sippican the Rag Man SUBMITTED by American Digest

 Joel J. Sprayregen/ American Thinker – Obama’s Iran Policy Collapses to the Accompaniment of Mockery Around the Globe SUBMITTED by JoshuaPundit

Chicago BoyzSeizing the Opportunity to Destroy Western Civilization – SUBMITTED by The Glittering Eye