Weekend Weasel – San Francisco Liberal Stephen Fowler

This looks like a perfect time to introduce an irregular segment on WoW called Weasel Watching. The way it works is quite simple, spot a weasel and we will spotlight that person (or group) on the WoW main page. I think I might even create a wall of shame.

The first member nominated to the Watcher of Weasels wall of shame is none other than San Francisco celebrity liberal Stephen Fowler. This elite ass appeared on wife swap and was paired up with Gayla Long, a woman from a small town in Missouri that Fowler affectionately referred to as a “dumb redneck” and “lower class.”

Included in Fowler’s antics were bashing the American military and talking down to wife swap partner Gayla Long because she “barely graduated high school”. Both of these activities by Mr. Weasel irk me the most. First and foremost I am an avid supporter of the U.S. military. Cowards like Fowler enjoy the protections of free speech afforded by the men and women that he holds nothing but scorn and condescension for. He is so unbelievably ignorant that he doesn’t even get it.

Second, and this is something that very few people know about The Watcher, I got kicked out of high school because I was nothing but trouble, received my GED and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Computer Science, computer sciences department. Barely graduating high school is not any kind of ruler to judge a person by; you know nothing.

Here is a video clip of Fowler’s cheery personality:

This losers activities were so reprehensible that it spawned an internet web site called StephenFowlerSucks.com among numerous others.

The best description of this cretin and his behavior was found here on the Wife Swap message board, penned by an Harvard educated fan of the show. (excerpt below)

The priorities you preach to be important (education, environmentalism, etc.) are indeed so; however these are all tools for self-improvement. It seems you would rather use them in the context of measuring your own self-worth or more disgustingly the lack of worth in others. I usually attribute some of the characterizations I see on reality shows to editing, but not in your case. You just came off as an incredibly small-minded, petulant, narcissistic jerk.

Unfortunately Stephen Fowler is not an exception. His attitudes epitomize so many that make an appearance in the Watcher of Weasels chronicles of weaseldom.

So there you have it, Stephen Fowler, business owner, bigot, anti-military San Francisco elitist; our first off member of the Watcher of Weasels wall of shame.

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Correction: I believed Gayla had received here GED, the statement was actually that she barely graduated high school.

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