Welcome Back Wolf Howling! Best Wishes Cheat-Seeking Missiles!

Watcher of Weasels and the Watchers Council welcomes Wolf Howling back to the fold after a long unforeseen hiatus. Veteran readers will be familiar with Wolf’s biting commentary. (click square for rim shot please, couldn’t help myself).

On that same note we’d like to wish luck and weasel free good fortune to Laer Pearce at Cheat-Seeking Missiles. Laer is leaving the council to concentrate on some exciting new work. Please make sure to visit CSM on a daily basis to get your USRDA of commentary that will continue to expose weasels and put a spotlight on media bias as seen through the eyes of a Navy brat, journalist and ex-liberal!

These changes leave open one council spot for a dedicated author that is not afraid to seek out and expose the truth about the weasels of the world! Please contact me if you have a body of work and would like to be considered for a spot on the Watchers’ Council.