What I Am NOT Thankful For Today


What I am NOT Thankful For Today–

Thanksgiving, November 22, 2018

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


I am not thankful for evil, sick forces that try to poison, demean, and tear America apart, by media, government, or social means.

I am not thankful for liberal bullshit lies and distractions about the real Thanksgiving and it’s truest meaning.

I am not thankful for liberals trying to tear down America and its purity of design.

I loathe Obama, his overbearing, sour-looking wife, and the lies and terror they have created together, in, about, and for America.

I loathe all enablers of the Obama crime family. I loathe the fact that the liar lied publicly some 36 times about his designed-to-fail “Obamacare.” I loathe that his parents never married. I loathe that he has never legally changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Obama—or whatever his militant Arabic name is this week.

I am not thankful for the Gay Mafia—whatever—and their apparent effort to ram down everybody’s throat and up everybody’s gazoo an extremely militant, demanding, and domineering agenda of hate and power.

I am not thankful for armed, violent, muslim, or black, or white, or Hispanic militants who would do harm to Americans or America.

I am not thankful for illegal, illiterate, diseased, violent invaders who dodge across our borders waving flags of shithole, home countries—who come here to take and receive, but not to join and contribute.

I am not thankful for evil, mindless, leftist bastards in the so-called Main Stream Media who lie, cheat, and steal their way to self-aggrandizement and millions in wealth at the expense of confused Americans, and America, and the World, in a demonic 24 hour propaganda avalanche of lies.

I am not thankful for those who immediately–baselessly—attack, challenge, and lie about every single thing the current President of the United States says, does, or reportedly thinks.

I loathe the leftist wordmasters who have twisted English into their sacred lingo of holy phrases that must be uttered or incanted correctly—to the gaggled approval of Twitter, Google, Facebook, “minorities,” etc.

And I loathe their unholy list of “accursed” (normal) words that are never permitted, like “truth, justice, and the American way.”

I loathe these purveyors and creators of Newspeak, the politically correct, self-editing, “approved” language of all those named herein–and of others.

I am not thankful for evil socialists, communists, Marxists, One-Worlders, foreign zillionaires, Elitists, anti-America, and anti-American maggots, and I am especially not thankful for a leftist, democrat, so-called “leadership.”

I am not thankful for for communists, Marxists, Jihadists, or hijabs and sharia law in the halls of a once-great and free-born Government.

I am not thankful for a lot of things eating away parasitically at the core of this once-great America.

But—you go on ahead, and have a happy thanksgiving, or whatever you’re still permitted to call it.


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