What’s up with all the fake anti-Muslim reports?

During the past six weeks, there have been numerous reports of “fake” anti-Muslim attacks alleged to have been committed by supporters of president-elect, Donald Trump, all of which were investigated and found out to be a hoax.

One of several false police reports filed came from a black female student at Villanova University who reported that she was knocked to the ground when walking through the SEPTA tunnel between the university’s West Campus and Main Campus by three Caucasian males yelling “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Villanova campus police were left with no alternative but drop the investigation after the student decided against pursing the matter and refused to cooperate in the investigation.

One of the latest fake anti-Muslim attacks to be debunked was the report by a University of Michigan student who a few weeks back reported that a man approached her and threatened to burn the student “if she didn’t remove her hijab. The victim described the suspect to police as a white man with bad body odor and slurred speech, as if he may have been drunk.”

Surveillance videos of the street on which the incident was alleged to have occurred not only failed to provide evidence of the man described by the student, it also show no evidence that the student making the allegations was on that street on the day where the incident was alleged to have occurred.

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