When did college start to look like pre-school (with a Leftist mindset)?

Today was move-in day for my Little Bookworm, who is starting at an obscenely expensive liberal arts college (“OELAC”) in the Midwest. The day went well until the academic machinery started in motion.

There are some nice things to say about OELAC — the campus is meticulously maintained and beautifully landscaped, which is as it should be considering the ridiculous expense. Also, the move-in process was extremely well-organized, and cheerful student volunteers were great helps with the heavy bags and such.

Things were going so well that I was able to accept with equanimity the anti-smoking propaganda all over the place. As you can see from the photo illustrating this post, cancer is out as an anti-smoking cudgel and “social justice” is in. which has abandoned cancer as a motivator to quit and, instead, embraced social justice.

I found this heavy-handed hectoring ridiculous because (a) it’s a smoke-free campus and (b) the little social justice warriors/students are all middle-class non-smokers. I was, therefore, almost inordinately glad when I stumbled across one of the signs enveloped in the smell of cigarette smoke. Normally I loathe the smell of cigarettes, but I loved the idea that, whether it was a parent or student, there was a renegade hiding on campus.

From my point of view, things really started to fall apart when the parents were ushered into a large hall to await the arrival of the students, at which time the welcome speeches were to begin.

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