By: Mike McDaniel    Reading the articles written in the aftermath of the Democrat disaster is amusing, but equal parts annoying. The Left, in pouring their angst out without the usual filters, is revealing their extraordinary lack of depth, and above all, their lack of basic human regard for virtually everyone save those that appear, bleary-eyed in their mirrors, on the morning after.

Above all we see their compulsion to categorize others in ways that reflect their voluminous and unseemly prejudices, as well as their inability to accept the reality that the election was a complete repudiation of progressive policy and thought. Despite the fact Hillary Clinton is as white bread as it is possible to get, her loss is a “whitelash,” which, according to noble communist Van Jones, means anyone voting against her is racist. The few pundits that acknowledge the democrat disaster as repudiation of Barack Obama’s policies and the coming dismantling of every edifice of his legacy, half-heartedly try to stick the race card in the electoral checkout stand card reader, only to find it rejected.

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