Who is the most dangerous person in the world right now?

Raise your hand if you expected President Donald Trump. Sorry, but this guy makes Trump look as non-threatening as a stuffed teddy bear wrapped in bubble wrap covered with Pokemon stickers.

Chinese President for Life Xi Jinping (source)

Hands down this is the most dangerous man in the world. More dangerous than Trump. Much more dangerous than Putin. He’s even more dangerous than the unhinged leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un*.

Here’s why:

  1. He controls what will soon become the world’s largest economy. The Chinese economy has business leaders from around the world kowtowing to Beijing including America’s largest companies Apple and Google. Since the trade war started there has been a steady stream of business leaders from all over the US pleading with Trump to end the war.
  2. He controls the country that is investing heavily in the developing world, creating a pool of “soft power” that boosts support of Chinese policies in places as far flung as Zimbabwe and Norway. Does China dominate global investment? | ChinaPower Project
  1. He controls the world’s largest military, and one that is modernizing and developing a navy to project that power to protect Chinese interests.

Comparison between US and Chinese military capabilities, source: Rand

Finally, and most importantly sometime within the next 6 or 54 months Trump is going to be out of office. Xi will still be in power. Thanks to the vote in 2018 ending term limits, Xi can stay in power indefinitely. Ending Term Limits for China’s Xi Is a Big Deal. Here’s Why.

He has no rival, and should any begin to emerge he has the power to remove them. He is an emperor in all but name, and in my view the most powerful man on the planet today.

And since power corrupts, that makes Xi Jinping the most dangerous man in the world.


*Sorry but I don’t believe the mainland propaganda that NK is independent. No Chinese leader would seriously allow a threat at the border of China. If China can’t abide US troops stationed on the border, then it would not tolerate an unstable North Korea. It only tolerates NK because it controls NK from the lowest conscript to the pinnacle of North Korean military leadership. If Kim so much as sneezed in the direction of China he’d be dead and replaced.